Working within your parameters, we create
custom programs that meet
your specific needs

A Broad Range of Services


When the unexpected happens, our clients know they’ll be covered, and whatever care or arrangements that need to be made will be handled by our pro team.


While in the U.S., international expatriates and students need to know they can count on time-sensitive, hassle-free access to top quality healthcare providers. We will build your network based on client demographics and utilization patterns. A unique approach is required for expatriate populations, as member satisfaction is central to continuously growing your business.

Epic offers complete administration services:

  • Enrollment
  • Funding
  • Reporting
  • Subrogation

Pharmacy Benefits Management is available through our in-house solution, VerusRx. Other networks are also available, depending on your needs and policy benefits.


Students need to focus on their path ahead, and not be distracted by obstacles to obtaining the healthcare they need.


For expats and private individuals who live and work outside of their home country, International Private Medical Insurance guarantees the best possible care anywhere in the world.

Our self-service web portals for agents, members, employers and providers allow users to perform many time-saving functions.

Major Medical

Pre-planned and elective treatments require a different approach. Please contact us directly for in-depth information on our Centers of Excellence.